For some, the Unklar is a pub in Lübeck’s best neighborhood. For others it is a living room in which we live utopias. Always a handful of fun under the bow, but also always political. In the summer months we swarm out, do beverage logistics, bar operations, falafel, artist care etc. at festivals such as Fusion, OTR, 3000 Grad, Habitat, we are at MSNT in Wendland, in the Gängeviertel or we go on a solo tour with Seawatch.

The Clemensstraße (our neighborhood) with Schicksaal, dem Blauen Engel, dem Unrat und der No12 is close to our hearts. We are happy about every visitor and wish for a peaceful coexistence. So we keep our eyes open, ask you to take care of yourselves and others and ‘report’ us assaults, thefts and/or “anti-social” behavior. Since we want people to feel comfortable on our street, we always have an open ear.

We don’t like: Nazis, AFDlers, racist and anti-Semitic or homophobic behavior, sexualized violence and assaults, hustlers, nation states, tags in the store, the DFB, music boxes in front of the store, Becks, energy drinks.

What we love/like: good schnapps, a large selection of beers, varied music, a full shop, living room atmosphere, excesses, graffiti, the Office for All, the Walli, the Flora, the Seebrücke, Seawatch, the Fusion, the Holsten Therme, Dramburg and Hertwig (the best drinks supplier in the world), our tax consultant, Landgang Pils, councilman. We also have a lot of love for every anti-fascist ultra movement and think the commercialization of football sucks.

And of course we would like to thank the entire team behind us for their tireless commitment: Without you it would not be possible.

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Unklar- winteredition

Waschbären mögen den Winter

… und chillen gerne im Schnee, egal ob auf dem Snowboard oder eher so Schneeengel. Dabei tragen sie diese stylischen Klamotten in der Winteredition.


Unklar -Bande

Rudeltiere brauchen ihre Gang

“ Ihr seid mir eine Bande!” haben immer unsere Ommmas zu uns gesagt.
Und später hieß es dann wieder „Bildet Euch, bildet andere, bildet Banden!“
Und genau das haben wir mit euch vor.
Kauf Dir diesen Hoodie und werde Teil unser Unklar-Bande <3.


Unklar – Bar

Rudeltiere brauchen ihre Gang

Hilf ihnen, ihren Bau zu erhalten und die Coronakrise zu überstehen! Wenn wir schon keine Drinks verkaufen dürfen…