Florida Klaus 

Florida Klaus – President of the Institute for the Dissection of the German
Work ethic, long-term vacationers and total objectors is ahead of its time.
At least unconditional basic income is now being discussed, lives
Klaus has had this dream for years, leads an uncompromising and
relentless “War on Work” and fights for that in the interests of humanity
Paradise on earth aka “fully automated luxury communism”.

He claims that in post-capitalism you can easily get your name in one sentence
with revolutionaries and philosophers like Karl Marx or Immanuel Kant
Until then, he will continue to do nothing, travel and music

“What you can’t do in bed is not worth doing.”

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Florida Klaus is ahead of his time.

A world without work is possible. While robots and machines free us from annoying wage labor and take care of the household, we finally have enough time for the beautiful things in life or for doing nothing.