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Cool street style for all occasions.
We have never been too good to set a trend. The idea: neighborhood clothes from the scene for the scene in collaboration with collectives who feel like it.

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Moin, we are Patrick, Markus, Peter, Janne and Jonas from Lübeck. We are friends and sometimes live together. Some of us run the UnklarBar, a small neighborhood bar in the heart of the left-wing scene. The other part belongs to the inventory. We were previously in many other collectives and operated the bulwark, among other things. We have been working at many festivals, raves and open airs for years, living our dreams with like-minded people and have lots of crazy ideas. One of them was to develop a cool marketplace for clothes and collectives. The result is this shop.

For this we have developed our own merch line, which we also sell through this marketplace. This platform should benefit all of us, in other words, all artists, collectives and solo projects who want to have cool ideas.

Thanks to Corona, we then had to close in lockdown in March 2020 and had so much time and creative energy that we could take care of the “Textile machinations” project.

We have all our things printed in Lübeck and work with artists in northern Germany who draw motifs with us, sew goodies and embroider things.

We are anything but apolitical and don’t feel like right-wing populists, conspiracy theorists and corona deniers. We sympathize with projects such as the Minimal Summer Night’s Dream, Fusion, Off the Radar, Solidrinks, Shiat.Streetfair, Marzipanclan, Seawatch, Amt für Alle and many more.

If you have / have an idea for a brand for cool, hip or crazy things, please contact us. We want to work with you.

By the way:

We don’t believe in Google Analytics, cookies and the fact that you have to register to order. We do not need to know from where, when and which device you are / are on our site.

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